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Welcome to the homepage of Higher Graphics, your source for hard-to-find interior and exterior decals and placards for your aircraft.

ANNOUNCING OUR REGISTRATION NUMBER DESIGN TOOL!. We now have a web tool that allows you to custom design FAA compliant N numbers. We know that being FAA compliant sounds trivial because everyone claims to do FAA compliant N Numbers, but we believe that many vendors don't actually meet the regulations. Here is a link to why we believe we meet FAA requirements when others don't. You need to read this if you are thinking about buying N Numbers. You should know if your vendor is actually meeting the regulations. We find it amazing how many vendors don't. We believe that in many cases they don't understand the regulations and don't realize that their processes are resulting in non-compliant numbers. One common reason is the slanting process. Here is a link to why the standard slanting process results in non-compliant numbers. Another common reason is the use of "off-the-shelf" fonts like Arial. Most off-the-shelf fonts are non-compliant. Compliant fonts must be designed to meet the specifications. We suspect that many vendors don't want to take the time or perhaps they don't know how to design a font.

We also have a web tool that will allow you to change and preview the colors of selected decals (logos). When you have the color combination you desire, you can place the order and the chosen colors will be recorded with the order.


We have an extensive database of aircraft. For most aircraft models, the kit image you see on this website is an EXAMPLE for a series of models. The actual kit will match your exact model when you furnish your tail/registration number in the Comments section as you order. We will send you a proof through email in a pdf that has mark up rights enabled. Using Adobe Reader 6.0 or later, you can indicate the changes you need in that pdf and email it back. After your changes, the kit will match your unique aircraft. And, if you find any decals missing or that don't fit your model, we will replace them at no charge. We believe this is a win/win. You get the exact decals you need and we improve our database.

For the interior kits, a good example of the value of MADE TO ORDER is the circuit breakers. In most aircraft, the circuit breakers have changed from the original configuration. So, an upcoming web tool will allow you to change the circuit breaker labels in your kit. For now, you can use the pdf mark up or you can send us a picture or a written description of your circuit breakers. We want your entire panel to look professional, including the circuit breakers.

Whenever possible, our exterior kits are cut vinyl. Cut vinyl has no background and when applied looks like it was painted on the aircraft. For the exterior kits, a good example of the value of MADE TO ORDER would be a two-tone aircraft. We can make the decals in two or more colors. You can mark up the proof and select a color for each decal so that it can be in a contrasting color to the color on which it is applied.

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Steve Graves
Proprietor, Higher GRAPHICS

Phil Waldman was the founder of Higher GRAPHICS. The video below will explain some of the history behind the company.

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Beechcraft Baron 55/58, Bonanza 33/35/36, Debonair 33, Diamond Beechjet 400, King Air 200/300
Cessna 120/150/152, Cessna 170/172/175, Cessna 180/182/185, Cessna 188 AG Husky, Cessna 205/206/207, Cessna 210, C-100/200, C-300, C-400, C-425/441, C-500
Falcon 10/20 Series
Hawker 500 Series
Learjet 20 Series, 30 Series
Military aircraft: BAE, Beech, Bell, Boeing, Cessna, Convair, De Havilland, Dornier, Douglas, Fairchild, General Dynamics, Grumman, Henkel, Hiller, Hughes, Lockheed, LTV, Messerschmitt, Mitsubishi North American, Northrop, Piper, Republic, Rockwell, Siikorsky and any other military aircraft or rotorcraft.
Mitsubishi MU2 Series
Mooney M20/21, M20J/M20K
Piper J3 Cub, PA18 Super Cub, PA23 Aztec, PA25/36 Pawnee/Brave PA28-140/181 Cherokee PA28-235/236 Dakota PA28R Arrow, PA30/39 Twin Comanche, PA31 Navajo, PA31T/42T Cheyenne, PA32 Lance/Saratoga, PA34 Seneca, PA38-112 Tomohawk, PA44 Seminole, PA60 Aerostar
Rockwell 500 Series, Gulfstream 600/800/900 Series
Sabreliner Sabre 40/60 Series
Westwind 1100 Series

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Beechcraft, Cessna, Grumann, Lake, Mitsubishi, Mooney, Piper, Rockwell

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Registration Numbers, Generic Exterior, Fuel System Placards, Flags, Modified Advisement, Military Insignias and Markings.
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  • Our decals use 3M Scotchcal Series 220 vinyl, which is rated for 5-8 years.
  • We coat our exterior decals with a special protectant to guard against damage caused by U-V, abrasion and fuel spills.
  • Our premium decals are pre-cut, making installation easier and less error-prone.
  • Our interior decals feature a matte finish which provides greater durability and abrasion protection.
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